At Burkely, our goal is to provide the best apartment communities. Keeping our residents safe is our top priority. As we are not medical experts, we are providing a list of websites with information that are relevant to our residents.

Resident FAQ’s Related to COVID-19

updated January 7, 2021

North Carolina’s Contact Tracing info (don’t be scammed)

For More Info on NC’s Contact Tracing program, go here.

Any text messages from the COVID-19 Community Team will come from the number 45394. Emails will come from the email address If the Team reaches out with a phone call, either NC OUTREACH or the local health department number will appear on their phone.

The COVID-19 Community Team will never ask for anyone’s Social Security Number, bank or credit card numbers, or any other financial information at any time. If you are asked for this information, please hang up and call your local health department to report the incident.

Any information shared with the COVID-19 Community Team is a private health record and is strictly confidential.

I may be late for Rent, what about Late Fees? What if I can pay on time?

If you are financially stressed to pay rent on time, please make us aware.  We want to be a resource for you.  You can count on us. Our goal is to work with you to find a solution that allows you to continue living in your apartment home and us to continue providing a great home for you.   

While we may be able to offer a payment arrangement, we still encourage you to stay as current as you can with your payments.  This helps you avoid building up a large balance for later and it helps support those in your community who need financial assistance the most.


NC and SC Area Resources for Support

NC Unemployment Benefits FAQ If you have lost your job due to the recent closings, for our North Carolina residents, the NC governor announced on 3/17/20 at 2pm to lift the restrictions to make it easier to qualify for unemployment benefits. 

NC Department of Social Services,

  • 1203 Maple Street, Greensboro, NC 27405; (336) 641-3447
  • 132 Poplar Grove Connector, Suite C, Boone, NC 28607, (828) 265-8100

Greensboro Area:

Boone Area:

Clemson, SC Area:

Piedmont Triad Apartment Association Renter Resource

Local apartment association has added a page for frequently asked questions from renters and additional local resources.

North Carolina sets up Text updates.

North Carolinians can text COVIDNC to 898211 to receive general information and updates about COVID-19. Sign up now to get regular alerts on the rapidly evolving situation and North Carolina’s response. More info here.


Below is our archived FAQ.  While offices are open now, each property responds as needed at the advice of health officials, state and/or federal guidance.  Many of the communication options below are still recommended to help reduce unnecessary contact and exposure. 

Clubhouse & Common Area Amenities Closed. Offices Remain Open. Effective March 19, 2020

While our clubhouse and amenities will be closed, the office will be open with limited staff as long as it is advisable to do so.  We closed the clubhouse and amenities out of our significant responsibility to our residents with a clear eye toward public health recommendations.  We do have plans in place to continue service should we need to close the office in the near future. We will continue to evaluate and re-open as soon as it would be prudent.  Burkely has a COVID task force that is looking at ways to open, similar to a phase in approach as our states, and monitoring CDC and NC/SC Governor’s recommendations.

Am I able to go to the office?

We ask that all residents refrain from in-person visits to the management office whenever possible and use other forms of communication. Limited staff will still be present in the office and will be working to serve all of our residents as needed.  If you need to go to the office, please use social distancing.

How do I communicate with the Staff?

Communication is critical.  Let’s keep it open both ways—from you to us and us to you.  Our commitment to you is to communicate major changes as soon as we are able and ask you to collaborate with us in charting the best way forward.  We appreciate your flexibility and understanding when we are evaluating and arriving at answers to new questions. Please remember your communication options: 

  • Email your office
  • Call during office hours
  • Online Portal (contact staff if you need help with your portal)
  • for overall information or change of policies.
  • Mobile App: Burkely App (where available).  There is a new Tab named “Burkely COVID-19 FAQ” that will link to the page.

How will maintenance work orders be handled?

Submit any Work Orders through the online portal or emergency number that’s been provided to you. It’s always a great idea to include a picture with your work order, especially now.

We will be prioritizing the Work Orders in the following way:

  1. Emergency: Call your emergency work order phone number. 
    1. Contact the office if you don’t know your property’s emergency maintenance phone number.
    2. has info on what is considered an emergency.
  2. Non-Emergency Priority: For areas that are not emergency, but do make living in the apartment uncomfortable or will cause damage.
  3. Normal: Normal and non-essential work orders may take longer than usual.

While maintenance is in your apartment, please help us stay 6 feet away from each other.  We ask that you stay in your bedroom if at all possible while maintenance is completing your work order. 

What about package deliveries?

We have requested all carriers to attempt to deliver all packages to your individual unit front doors.  If you are unable to be at home when your package arrives, leave a note for the carrier on your door with any special instructions (ie leave a package with your neighbor). Contact the office for any questions.

For our student housing communities, where you have common areas (i.e., kitchens and living rooms) the following tips are strongly suggested:

  • Keep common areas clean with cleaners and disinfectant (ie Clorox/Lysol).  This is a great time to talk to your roommates about shared cleaning schedules. 
  • Do not share food. Wash dishes frequently.
  • If you are concerned that you may be getting sick, limit or eliminate your common area time and disinfect areas in your apartment where you have been. 
  • Encourage any roommate that feels sick or concerned they may have the virus to contact a doctor. 

What if internet is not working? 

Contact the Internet provider first.  Disruptions in internet speed can be the internet, devices or other reasons.  So it’s best to work with your internet provider.  If you feel they are not helping or did not resolve your issue, then get a ticket number and we will do the best we can to escalate this on our end.  Some providers are honestly better than others with the escalation process, but we will always push where we are able.

How do I Pay My Rent, Submit a Work Order or Renew Lease 

Burkely reminds you that you can use your online resident portal to pay your rent, put in a maintenance request, and renew your lease.  If you need any help with your online portal, our staff will be happy to help.

Am I able to terminate my lease? 

We fully understand and appreciate that the COVID-19 pandemic is having seismic impact on our country, our fellow citizens, businesses, and organizations of all types.  The impact is pervasively negative, resulting in widespread financial hardship. 

Burkely is immediately waiving fees for late rent payment in April and foregoing financial-related eviction proceedings.  It is critically important that any of you faced with inability to pay your rent in full notify, and begin a conversation with, us about your situation as soon as possible.  We expect and want to work with our student-residents and families who face financial strain. 

Our business—building great off-campus student communities—is decidedly different from university-provided on-campus housing.  We market our communities and lease directly to students who choose to live in a Burkely student community.  We, as landlord, provide housing, typically for a one-year term, to you, our student-residents, as tenants, under traditional residential lease agreements governed by local and state laws. 

The lease agreement between us essentially provides that Burkely will house student-residents for the entire term of the lease in return for our student-residents paying rent each month of the lease term at the agreed-upon rate.  A few student-residents and parents have inquired about lease terminations.  We trust you can understand that having taken on the obligation and responsibility to house our student-residents for a full lease-term, we cannot entertain lease terminations.    

Our student-residents are free to occupy their apartments as and when they choose. It is commonplace for many of our student-residents to go home for i) the extended winter break from mid-December to mid-January, ii) spring break, and iii) in many cases for the entire summer term.  During those periods when they are not in residence, they are still under lease and free at any time to access their apartments.  The same holds true during the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, though the accompanying circumstances are extraordinary.  On the other hand, many of our student-residents have chosen to remain in residence at their apartment homes for various reasons (e.g., they have jobs, it’s a better study environment, they prefer to stay put vs. travelling home and unwittingly risking contraction or transmission of the virus).

Our first priority is the health and well-being of our student-residents and Burkely team members.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this crisis.  We look forward to serving all our residents.  It is at the very heart of our reason for being—building great communities. 

General Guidance on Emergency Maintenance

For Safety Concerns: Call 911 (Fire, Immediate Safety, illegal activities)

The following is considered Emergency Maintenance: 

-No Water

-Leaking pipes or Flooding. NOTE: Minor leaks are important but not emergencies (small faucet drips, light leak from a drain pipe which can be caught with a bucket, etc.)

-Cannot use any Toilet in the Apartment 

-No Heat when it is 50 degrees or lower outside, and daylight outside.

-No Air Conditioning when the temperature is above 80 degrees outside and before midnight (turn unit off and leave “fan only” running.) 

-No Hot Water before 9pm otherwise we will respond first thing next business day.

Recommended links that we are monitoring.

UNC System Coronavirus (COVID 19) Info

UNCG Coronavirus (COVID 19) Info

NC A&T Coronavirus (COVID 19) Info

Clemson University Coronavirus (COVID 19) Info

App State Coronavirus (COVID 19) Info

Elon University Coronavirus (COVID 19) Info

CDC’s website

North Carolina’s Info

From Center for Disease Control & Prevention’s Website.

*This info is set here for your convenience and uses a tool that should keep the information up to date. For critical information, please go to CDC’s website.