How We Do It

We build powerful apartment community brands.

The Idea

  • A brand represents a set of promises. It implies trust, consistency and a defined set of expectations. A brand differentiates products and services that appear similar in features, attributes and possibly even benefits .5
  • An orange…is an orange…is an orange. Unless, of course, that orange happens to be a Sunkist, a name eighty percent of consumers know and trust.6
5 Scott M. Davis, Brand Asset Management: Driving Profitable Growth Through Your Brands (Jossey-Bass, 2002).
6 Russell L. Hanlin, quote by the CEO of the Sunkist Growers Association.

Related Services Burkely Offers

  • Evaluate your community’s current brand; formulate the brand your community should have
  • Create a plan to operationalize your brand
  • Align all marketing efforts and materials to support the bran