Why We Exist

Our reason for being is to serve our residents — to give them a superior living experience they will highly value and want to recommend to their friends.  When we succeed, we create value — and value is the yardstick that measures performance.

The Idea

  • The entire enterprise must be viewed as a customer-creating and customer-satisfying organism.  Management must think of itself as providing customer-creating value satisfactions.3
  • Profit and growth are stimulated primarily by customer loyalty. Loyalty is a direct result of customer satisfaction.3

Related Services Burkely Offers

  • Define your ideal resident
  • Resident relationship management, including communication and feedback loop
  • Guide development of operating budget; formulate capital allocation strategy
1 Theodore Levitt, “Marketing Myopia,” Harvard Business Review, July-August (1960).
2 Heskett, Jones, Loveman, Sasser and Schlesinger, “Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work,” Harvard Business Review, March-April (1994).