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community /ku-myoo-nuh-tee n. a group of people who live in the same locale and have interests in common.

. . . “great” because Burkely’s primary focus is on people—the people who live there and the people who work there. With Burkely, it means the building never stops.

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About Burkely

For nearly 30 years, Burkely has been building, improving, and continually refining its apartment communities to make them places our residents ever so naturally think of as home.

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Featured Community - Enclave in Clemson

Clemson's biggest small community. The Enclave is large enough for amenities and socials, but small enough to know your name. The Enclave also provides Burkely's student GPA Discount program to support their resident's success.

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Better Living. For Rent.


What is our definition of success? We succeed when we build powerful apartment community brands, provide exceptional living experiences, and create unmatched value for our residents. Our success and excellence in the apartment industry has been awarded both nationally and locally. At Burkely Communities, we recognize that when we succeed, our residents are the real winners.

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Better Living. For Rent.

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We pride ourselves on being a people-centered organization, so our priorities begin with you. We are happy to answer your questions and start a conversation about how Burkely Communities can provide a superior living experience.

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