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Welcome to a more intelligent off-campus student housing experience. Designed, staffed and managed to create optimal living/learning environments, we’re building the only student communities that actually support your efforts to succeed. From student rental discounts for Dean’s List and higher GPAs to study lounges, exam quiet hours and “brain food” in our snack rooms, living with us is the smartest move you can make.

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About Our Communities

Burkely is now the most trusted student housing for NC A&T UNCG housing alternatives. With over 10 communities in Greensboro alone you’ll find our student communities within close proximity to UNC-Greensboro or North Carolina A&T. In fact, Burkely Student Communities serve the students of UNCG, North Carolina A&T, Guilford College, Bennett College, Greensboro College, and GTCC.

We’re your getaway – a place where you can unwind, where staff and the student community create and maintain a supportive learning environment.

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Burkely Student Communities are quiet havens of escape from the interruptive distractions of student housing. With the help of our residents, we’re continually developing amenities and programs designed to support and motivate academic success.

GPA Discounts

  • Dean’s List: $100/Semester
  • Chancellor’s List: $125/Semester
  • President’s List: $125/Semester

Peer Nominated Awards

  • Most Improved GPA: $75/Semester
  • Hardest Working Student: $75/Semester

Study Group Support

Friends that study together succeed together, and we are committed to creating an environment that generates success.

Free Coffee

Treat yourself to an extra boost of caffeine during exams!

Weekly Brainteaser Challenges

Participate in our weekly brainteaser challenges to keep your mind sharp!

Motivational Signage

Our communities are lined with inspirational signage to help get you through the semester.

Our Employee Pledge

Every Burkely Student Communities' employee has signed the following pledge and is committed to fulfilling it:

  • I pledge to create an environment that gives our residents every opportunity to fulfill their academic potential.
  • I will constantly seek ways to deliver that which our residents value most in a student-supportive environment.
  • I will unfailingly encourage and celebrate our residents' academic successes and remove whatever barriers stand in their way.
  • I regard all Burkely Student Communities' employees as my colleagues and allies in the quest to give our residents an academic edge.
  • I will protect our residents' privacy and will hold trust and respect as fundamental values in the resident-Burkely relationship.
  • I make this promise freely and upon my honor for as long as I am employed by Burkely Student Communities.

Our Residents

Our residents tend to live with us for a while and we like to reward them for their loyalty with a renewal rate guarantee. Residents who renew leases are guaranteed the the better of either the rate on the day signed or the day moved in.

All of our communities are managed by a team of professionals. We are committed to ensuring that every community has an environment that delivers an optimal living/learning experience. Every Burkely employee pledges to do whatever it takes to ensure each of our residents are given every opportunity to fulfill their full academic potential.

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Burkely Student Communities is committed to creating at atmosphere of success and support for our residents. Reach out to learn more about how we can provide an exceptional student community experience. Call (336) 553-2076 For more info.

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